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At the request of [livejournal.com profile] darkestnova, the next few Off Topic Tuesdays will be dedicated to Catwoman/Cat themed fashion posts!

Today's Catwoman inspiured fashion statement? The curve clinging catsuit!

Prepare yourselves for the best of the best...and the worst of the worst... )
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When I was growing up, it was a well known fact that I liked cats above all other animals--due in no small part to the fact that Catwoman was my favorite person in the history of the universe.

As a result, I got a lot of cat-themed gifts.

And since I was a girl...I got a lot of cat-themed jewelry.

Uh, allow me to add, 'my mother had simply atrocious taste'.

Yeah. You could say I know a thing or two about tacky cat-swag.

So, I thought I might put my unfortunate expertise to use: it's time for another installment of "This, Not That"! The Cat Jewelry Edition.

It's everywhere, but it's rarely fashionable enough to draw the eye of someone like our Selina...

When you type 'cat jewelry' into google, you get a handful of...really ugly pieces, honestly. Let's look at some of the train wrecks, shall we?


A few that SERIOUSLY push the boundaries of taste but come up on the 'cute' or 'neat looking' side...

(That's a Kenneth Jay Lane design--which is why it gets a pass. But only just barely!)

(I know, I know. It's hideous and chunky and...ew, gold...but it's an innovative design and a conversation piece. For that, I like it.)

And finally, Understated/Classy:

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When I think of Selina Kyle, ideally I think of the perfect fashion plate; gorgeous, sophisticated, elegant and poised. Her taste in clothes and jewelry, in my mind, has always reflected this--even when...comic artists don't exactly portray it as such.

This brings us to today's off topic Tuesday topic, "This, Not That".

As a haute couture/general fashion enthusiast, I thought I might allow a couple of my passions to intersect: the passion for fashion and Catwoman. So, let's have a look at fashion that SCREAMS Catwoman and how to do it well...and how to do it...not so well.

Today's fashion statement that can be either fabulous OR a faux pas?

Leopard print.

It's making a comeback, if Glamour's latest Jennifer Lopez shoot is to be believed...

But...it never really went away, honestly.

Leopard print is something you've gotta be careful with, though. It's like alcohol: for best results, use in moderation.

So...go for THIS:


(Though I must say: if she plans on becoming a supervillainess, she's WAY more than halfway there.)



As with all things, overkill is the enemy.


This is the back-up account for what I hope will be the Ultimate Catwoman Fan Blog--Dr. Von Fangirl on LiveJournal. You should go check it out over there. I much prefer the original article.

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