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So remember when I was going to do a daily scans-a-palooza throughout October? I liked that plan. That was a good plan. *sigh* Oh, life, always getting in the way of what's truly important: fandom. Ah well, I'll get back to that mission tomorrow.

So anyway! Though I've already talked about Catwoman #1 (2011) twice now, and I do have further in-depth thoughts on the book that I haven't yet addressed, part of me really doesn't want to keep beating that dead horse. The majority of my brain is pretty much over it, but if I'm being honest with myself, there are still parts of me that aren't yet satisfied with the critique.

(Because if you make it your mission to evaluate things critically for better or worse and haven't taken something genuinely awful out to the woodshed, beaten it, flayed it and then ground its bones to dust, you're just not doing your job, damn it.)

The rest of the internet seems to be in about the same place I currently am. The majority has put it aside and moved on to new anger-inducing things (like the problematic imagery and objectification of Voodoo #1), but the kerfuffle is far from over.

You all remember the cover to the first printing of Catwoman #1, yes?

I think the best possible criticism of the cover, aside from the Batman mock-up above, is the following from Bleeding Cool:

"We've known for a while that the cover to the Catwoman reboot has the character lying on her back barefoot with her legs in the air, baring her cleavage and pouring sparkling white droplets over her boobs. It’s very tasteful. It sets the tone. She’s a thief, you see, and that’s what thieves do; at the end of a long day of thieving they lie on a rooftop and throw diamonds away. Erotically."

The whole illuminating article can be found right over here. I highly, highly recommend it.

Tomorrow, we return to our regularly scheduled scans-a-palooza, with the purple suit era Catwoman #6 & #7! Stay tuned.
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Catwoman and Poison Ivy chibis by ~aichan25 on deviantART

Catwoman and Poison Ivy by *edtadeo on deviantART

Ivy + Selina by ~MegganBlack on deviantART

(I disagree on principle with the very last image. Ivy doesn't give hugs! Unless she's trying to give somebody a rash!)
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Just one for this post, because...well, what the heck am I supposed to follow this with?

Catwoman-goldenbath by ~tsukiko on deviantART
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Back dating is awesome. It allows me the illusion of having updated this journal on time rather than a day late. Hooray for covering up gaffes! Yay!

(Except I won't do that, because it'd be unethical to liiiiie to the internet.)

On today's (yesterday's) Fandom!Friday, we have a look at Catwoman-based photography. Beware! Things behind the cut may not be safe for work!

Is that all you got? by ~VirtualGirl6654 on deviantART

catwoman by ~in-somni on deviantART

Catwoman - Yarn by ~theurbanraptor on deviantART

More behind the jump! )

I've always wanted to keep the tone of this blog and its content Every!Version!Friendly!--you know, with equal representation and exploration of all Catwoman's incarnations, because it's the character I love, not her costume--but you'll notice a distinct lack of purple costume photos above. Oh, there are a couple, sure, but not many--and not many at all in comparison to how many black suit versions there are.

There are a few possible reasons for this that I can think of.

1.) Black is slimming and though it sounds stereotypical to say so of my gender, girls are usually concerned with such things.

2.) Black vinyl catsuits are MUCH easier to come by than purple ones.

3.) The purple costume, while it might work in comics, doesn't really translate well to the real world--especially since nobody can seem to find fabric in just the right shade of purple.

Have you ever done a Catwoman cosplay? If so, which version? If you have photos to share, then share! Heck, let's make this a cosplay friendly post all around. If you've ever been a comic book character, share your pics/experience in comments!
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In a few days, I'm planning on talking about "The Great Pretenders"--that is, other comic book characters who resemble, in one way or another, Catwoman (if you have any suggestions for characters who fit this theme, by all means, throw 'em my way in comments!). Nobody is quite as high up on that list as Marvel's flirty cat burglar equivalent Black Cat. So, she's our theme for the day.

Catwoman and Black Cat by *darcsyde001 on deviantART

Black Cat Woman by *AdamHughes on deviantART

Cat Burglars by *dsoloud on deviantART
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Due to the fact your beloved Catwoman enthusiast is in a huge hurry tonight (4th of July weekend of fun, here I come!), I bring you just one piece of fanart, a mock-up cover for a Catwoman mini-series (?):

Catwoman Mock Up Cover by ~semie on deviantART


This is the back-up account for what I hope will be the Ultimate Catwoman Fan Blog--Dr. Von Fangirl on LiveJournal. You should go check it out over there. I much prefer the original article.

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