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Anyone who's familiar with the Batman: Year One graphic novel, or the Complete Definitive Origin of Catwoman will recognize these scenes. These images are exclusive to [livejournal.com profile] dr_von_fangirl; you won't find them anywhere else. I know watermarks are fucking annoying, and I personally can't stand them, but I'm getting pretty tired of my content being ripped off.

The animation is really pretty in the actual film, somewhat reminiscent of Red Garden or Witch Hunter Robin (two animes I quite enjoy), so it's got that goin' for it.
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The following is a dual review of Catwoman: Year Two, written by myself, [livejournal.com profile] dr_von_fangirl, and my counterpart for all things Two-Face, [livejournal.com profile] about_faces. For ease of reading, my commentary is in colored font, while his is in black. Mine also centers on Catwoman, while his centers, unsurprisingly, on Two-Face. Funny how the work just magically divvies itself up like that when you're each experts on those respective characters.

You might not know it from previous posts, but I'm an incredibly harsh critic, even when it comes to things I like. Picking a story apart, whether it's a film or a comic book or an eighty chapter epic is one of the most enjoyable things about digesting entertainment for me. It forces me to examine things I dislike, come to understand why I dislike them, and helps me to appreciate what I enjoy about them all the more. Such is the case here. While there's a lot to like about Selina's '90s series, there's a lot to dislike, too, and this story is, sadly, one of the best examples of those things. Please be advised it's going to get torn to shreds before your very eyes.

[livejournal.com profile] about_faces: So, I've been reviewing Doug Moench's various Two-Face appearances for some time, going in chronological order. They've been a mixed bag, but a far more interesting mixed bag than I thought from back when I read the stories originally. Even the infamous Face Schism story had more going for it than I originally thought! So maybe the *next* Harvey story of his might not be so bad either! Hmm... wait, what *is* is the next Moench story?

... oh. Oh no. Not that one. Not... it... I... I can't...

... Ummm... Henchgirl? *singsong* Oh my beloved Henchgiiiirl? Hellooooooo, [livejournal.com profile] bitemetechie?


Hi! Thank god! Say, uh, how masochistic are you?

...is this the sort of question I should be openly answering on your fanblog? You know my tendency to overshare.

Erm... *cough*... it's just, I only ask because... well, I am about to review a story which is very relevant to your interests! I mean, considering that you moonlight as [livejournal.com profile] dr_von_fangirl, expert in all things Catwoman, queen of Selina... *cough*even the Jim Balent years...*cough*

You don't mean...


Because... because it has Harvey in it! And also, I thought that maybe you and I could maybe kinda sorta do a dual review together maybe? You know how much I love your geek brain. Not to mention your geek everything-else...

Oh, hush. Look, don't get me wrong, there is a lot to enjoy about Selina's nineties series, but you have no idea what kind of clusterfuck you're getting into here. BECAUSE CATWOMAN'S ENTIRE NINETIES SERIES IS A CLUSTERFUCK. I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH THE CLUTERFUCKNESS OF THE CLUSTERFUCK. I MEAN LOOK AT ALL THAT EMPHASIS. EVEN THAT FALLS SHORT.

Yes, but Catwoman: Year Two, which ran through Catwoman #38-40, is at least a *standalone* clusterfuck! And besides, the events of this story follow pretty directly after the events that you so excellently covered in your comprehensive, complete, and definitive origin of Selina, which tied all her Post-Crisis stuff into a neat little package.

Oh, you mean that post that everyone everywhere should read because it totally took nearly a year to complete, you shameless flatterer? That one?

Exactly! So you might be interested to know that C:Y2 is the only story thus far to bridge the gap between Frank Miller's gray-suit Catwoman into the purple-suited Jim Balent character from the 90's solo series!

But even still, this story is kind of...not-great.

Oh, it's awful. Lousy. Dialogue is horrible, characters are all over the place, and the art is the visual equivalent of being unreadable. You'd probably know better than I, but it might just represent the absolute nadir of Selina's 90's series. BUT it features both of our favorite characters "facing off"!

I see what you did there, HURR.

Basically, what I'm saying is that I want... no, I need to drag you into this mess with me, so that perhaps we can at least get some entertainment value out of this crap.

Hooray! I'm helping!

Besides, I think it'd be fantastic to see what happens when our two favorite characters meet up for the first time. Just imagine: Selina Kyle and Harvey Dent, hanging out together! Do you think they'll get along as swimmingly, as perfectly, as absolutely lovey-dove-ily wonderfully as we do?

I'm guessing not.

On with the trainwreck! Choo-chooooooo!

When Selina met Harvey (...and the Joker... AND the Penguin): WARNING: SCANS HEAVY! )

So, readers, any thoughts?
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I disappeared for six months, I know. I have the best excuse ever, though: I've been busy being pregnant.

But, now I'm back and to make up for my horribly long hiatus, I have brought you one hell of a scans-heavy post. The scans-heavy post to end all posts.

We Now Proudly Presents: The Ultimate Catwoman Origin

"How did I get to be so brave?" Selina asks herself in a fear toxin induced haze above.

It's a fair question. But to answer it, we have to look at its deeper roots--roots that lie in a question of motivation. What compels a seemingly ordinary individual like Selina Kyle to don a mask and stalk the night?

For Bruce Wayne, it took the seeing his parents murdered in front of him; Jonathan Crane, a lifetime of ridicule and pain; Harley Quinn, all-consuming obsessive love. All the best heroes and villains in every medium, from literature to film to comic books, have traceable motivations for their behavior. It humanizes them and makes them easier for us, the audience, to understand and sympathize with.

For Selina, there was no one defining moment--at least, not in the way that there was for Bruce Wayne. Instead, it took numerous experiences, some positive and some negative, conspiring to strengthen her, both inside and out. A series of misfortunes, teachers, mistakes to learn from and some very lucky twists of fate to put Selina Kyle in the position for the stars to align just right for her to become the Feline Fatale we all know today.

If you were to wander into a comic shop and ask the clerk behind the counter why Selina became Catwoman, chances are they wouldn't be able to tell you in great detail. Not because she doesn't have a detailed history, but because most of the comics that touch on her origin stories are out of print--and have been for a long, long time. In fact, this problem isn't limited to just the clerk in the comic shop; so little information is available online regarding Selina's origins that there is no way to get a complete picture of who she is from any source.

As a result of this, there's some very wrong info floating around. People remember events wrong, or misrepresent them, or misinterpret them, or they've heard it from a friend-of-a-friend. However the bad information is created, it then gets spread around until it starts to look like fact.

People who don't like Selina's origin as a dominatrix, for example, state over and over again that the events of Batman: Year One have never been confirmed by other sources, or that they've been contradicted by Catwoman: Year One. Others say that she never trained with Ted Grant, or that she couldn't possibly be as skilled as she is in the art of hand-to-hand combat because we never saw her training with anyone, or that it doesn't make sense for a dominatrix to suddenly have mad cat burglary skillz.

Up until now, there's never been any way to dispute these statements, no matter how incorrect they are. Personally, every time I see them, I get hopping mad because I know better. But, that's me. I've been collecting Catwoman's appearances for ages; I've been reading her stories for fifteen years; I can't expect everyone else to track down every single issue just to find out what really makes Selina tick.

One of the underlying reasons I started this blog was not just to spread love for Catwoman around, but to serve as an educational resource. About eighty percent of Catwoman’s post-crisis comics appearances remain uncollected, including all of her 90‘s solo-series (except four issues in ‘The Cat File‘--which is out of print). This means the only way you’ll find them is by scouring back issue bins--and even then, you might not know what to look for. If you ever want to read Selina’s complete origin story, it’d take forever to track everything down and piece it together.

Thus, after nearly nine months of preparation, searching, research and hard work, I have compiled the most complete post-crisis Catwoman origin in history. Since I own about four hundred of Selina’s four hundred-sixty comics appearances published since the crisis--indeed, I own EVERY appearance from 1986 to 1999 as well as her 1989, 1993 and 2002 series and am slowly filling in what few gaps are left--I was able to comb through every appearance, looking for mentions of her origin so that nothing would be left out.

Piecing together the timeline took a fair bit of doing and a fair bit of me pulling my hair out, but all in all, the result was worth it. The timeline draws from several different sources that contain information about Selina’s beginnings: Batman: Year One, Catwoman: Her Sister’s Keeper, Catwoman Annual #2, Catwoman #0, Catwoman: Secret Files and Origins, Catwoman #81 and Catwoman #94.

In the interests of clarity and conciseness, I had one rule while compiling the timeline:

Events must be either CONFIRMED by another comic or UNDISPUTED throughout continuity to make it onto the timeline as canon.

If part of an event is disputed, while another part of the event is confirmed, then only the confirmed part makes it onto the timeline. Also, with the exception of a couple of pages from Selina's Big Score (still found in Batman: Ego and Other Stories), all of these comics are out of print.

This post is most definitely NOT dial-up friendly and is VERY, VERY image heavy. But I swear it'll be worth it.

Selina Kyle's own 'Year One' origin story starts here... )

Now, with this post finally, FINALLY complete, I can go off and start playing catch-up with back-logged posts that I owe you guys. :)
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As I've been working more and more on upcoming content for this blog (read: scanning things like mad), I have a ton of Catwoman images just lying around my hard drive. So, today, I decided to put them to good use and make a huge batch of Catwoman icons.

Have fun with these, but if you take any, please credit. A comment to let me know which ones you've snagged would be nice, too, but not necessary :)


89 icons behind the cut. )

An Update!

Aug. 12th, 2010 01:18 am
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Due entirely to the fact that I've been traveling for the past month without a break and with very little internet access at my disposal, the Dr. Von Fangirl Catwoman Blog has unfortunately been on forced hiatus.

Well, no more, I say!

I'll be spending the next few days catching up with a bunch of back-dated entries so that nobody will ever be the wiser about my extended absence. Muaha.

I've also been slowly padding out my Catwoman collection while working on the most complete post-crisis Catwoman chronology in history and the resulting scans posts should be pretty darn impressive. I'm going to start with the Catwoman cameos--guest appearances in comics, be it in background shots or flashbacks or what have you. To kick that off, have this two panel flashback/reflection from Batman's perspective in Shadow of the Bat #21:

That's some serious Bat/Cat right there if you ask me.
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From Batman: Gotham Adventures #4: Selina, after rescuing a bunch of test animals from a cosmetics lab (cats, specifically), seeks vengeance on the self-centered spoiled princess company mogul.

Story and scans behind the cut. )

This issue, in addition to the awesomeness above, also features some fun Bat/Cat banter--banter that I would have posted if I weren't already so close to my own self-imposed page limit for scans--so if you're a Bat/Cat fan, I recommend you track it down and pick up a copy.
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Over the past week or so, I've been compiling what I hope will be the most complete Catwoman chronology in the history of the internet, listing her every single appearance in chronological order since her reboot in "Batman: Year One"--including Elseworlds and single-panel cameos.

I'm starting to feel like Dr. Frankenstein here. The monster is rapidly getting out of control and I didn't have the foresight to design an electrical behavioral modification shock collar while I had the chance. Oh well.

On the positive side, the building of this particular beast IS giving way to some cool discoveries--like a four part story that everyone seems to have forgotten, which took place in the serialized "Action Comics Weekly" and somewhat bridges the gap between Catwoman's 1993 solo series and her original four issue origin---but the weird thing is that the Action Comics Weekly story was published first, yet uses characters who weren't actually introduced into canon until the origin. Fascinating stuff, really.

But none of that has anything to do with today's Cover!Wednesday!...except maybe in the abstract. What follows are some of Catwoman's early appearances from the post-Batman: Year One but PRE-Catwoman: Year One style mini-series.

Something else that's interesting is how few appearances Selina had from 1987-1992 in general. Over those five years, she had just twenty five-ish appearances and in the next five years, she more than quadrupled that. It seems like Selina has a lot to thank the release of "Batman Returns" for.
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I'm one of those people who, every once in a while, is given to great bit bursts of creativity. Sometimes it's a productive burst that benefits me and the rest of the world, other times, not so much.

Last night, I decided to try something new for 'Off Topic Tuesday'--something a bit more hands on than the usual 'write and post something' and the result was...interesting.

I guess what I'm saying is, if you've ever wanted your very own Catwoman paper doll, your wishes are about to come true.

So, I present to you the doll:

...and the outfits! )
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Okay, I'm going to kick off what may be my most ambitious move for this blog yet: originally, I was going to take weekends off from posting, but for awhile, I'm going to try to keep up my usual rigorous five-day schedule AND weekend posts consisting of scans. Provided real life doesn't get in the way, the way I suspect it will try, this might just turn out to be awesome.

Since it's going to take a lot of work to scan all of the most important bits of Catwoman's 1993 series--by which I mean several weeks worth of scanning, sorting and uploading--I'm going to start with all the short stories featuring Catwoman, from various annuals, one-shots and the animated comics.

So, the theme of "The Batman Adventures" Annual #1 was villains reforming. We get to take a look at the Ventriloquist trying to go straight (which ends rather sadly), the Scarecrow attempting to go straight (which ends rather awesomely) and Roxy Rocket...actually doing so:

But of course, it can't last...

Or can it?

Well...actually, kinda. )


This is the back-up account for what I hope will be the Ultimate Catwoman Fan Blog--Dr. Von Fangirl on LiveJournal. You should go check it out over there. I much prefer the original article.

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