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So I recently wrote about High Fashion's Crush on Catwoman, and the trend continues with a new line of high end designer shoes from French fashion designer Andre. He's also designed a line of shoes based around Wonder Woman's iconic costume, which are included in this post because some of these need to be seen to be believed. They're only available in Europe, and you can't actually buy them online (I smell secondary market price hikes on the way soon) but if you're in Europe, well, have fun buying up all the designer shoes!

Lots more goodies behind the cut. )

Okay, look, I'm going to go on record right now and say: Ew. Ballet flats. Other than the ridiculously impractical and pointless kitten heel, there isn't a shoe I loathe with deeper passion. I won't go into details, because that'd be exceedingly boring, but God, I hate ballet flats so, so much.

Also, I'm not sure why Wonder Woman's costume has been translated into what appear to be nineteen forties orthopedic bowling shoes. I mean, I can kinda follow the pattern of logic, given Diana Prince being an army nurse during WWII originally but still, in a modern fashion context...what? Is anyone actually going to buy those?

Anyway. In case you weren't aware already, this isn't the first time that DC has teamed up with a super high scale designer to help celebrate their characters. As I recall, they teamed with a bunch of French designers about a year ago and brought such gems as this pair of thigh high Catwoman inspired boots to the scene:

Additionally, there's the nOir DC Comics jewelry line, which I was working on a post about sometime last month but totally forgot to complete because I am lazy and awful but here, have a Catwoman Claw necklace to make up for it:

...and I also didn't talk about designer Jeremy Scott's Superhero inspired line from fashion week this past spring.

So pretty much what I'm saying is I have a Superhero themed fashion post in my future whether I want it to be there or not. OH WELL, I GUESS I HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO WINDOW SHOP FOR COMIC BOOK RELATED FASHION FOR THE GREATER GOOD the greater good, RIGHT GUYS? RIGHT. I WILL JUST GO AND DO THAT NOW.
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Hi! *cough, choke, strangle, die*

...okay, maybe I'm not that sick, but I am sadly still recovering, and will be for the next five-ish weeks or so, if my doctor is to be believed. Stupid viruses trying to make my spleen explode and ruin my liver. Bleh. Bleh, I say!

Anyway, it's been awhile, but among about a million other things I still have lying around waiting to work on posts for, like the Year One review, the Catwoman #2 review, a new Copycats post and another Think Like Selina, there's a new two page Catwoman 'origin' comic created exclusively for Journeys to help celebrate their DC Comics themed Converse line that I am obligated to post.

The origin glosses over the vast majority of Selina's history, of course, but then you can't really expect a two page comic to do as thorough a job as the complete definitive origin of Catwoman that took nine months and more caffeine than I care to think about to bring into being. Still, it's cute.

Even if much of it does fly directly in the face of the current DC canon that we're supposed to all be taking totally seriously despite the complete lack of editorial continuity rassafrassafricken-make-up-your-bloody-minds-already *grumble, mutter, grumble, grumble, fistshake*

Without further ado:

You can read the rest of the comic behind the cut... )

If you want, you can download the PDF for yourself, which includes numerous other DC character origins at this link, and I'll save my ranting about how so much pre-Crisis is apparently canon now even though it doesn't really work at all aaaargh for a more opportune time.

In the meantime, I'm going to go take a nap, and then maybe try and get up later to put the finishing touches on my next post: Whip Cracking: The Fine Art of Not Hitting Yourself in the Face. Or maybe I'll sleep some more. Being sick sucks.

Until then, I remain your humble, sickly servant, Dr. Von Fangirl. You know the drill: same cat time, same cat zzzzZzzzzzZzzzz....
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This appears to be from the seventies. NEATO KEEN!
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Found on etsy, this custom made latex dress is just perfect for golden/bronze age Catwoman cosplay!
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This may well be one of my absolute favorite shirts to feature Catwoman; the purple and black aspects of her costume history are often played up, but it's refreshing to see the green coming to the forefront for a change.
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Courtesy of the uber awesome [livejournal.com profile] cattyhunts, here's an incredibly spiffy t-shit featuring Catwoman that she found at Hot Topic!

I really like this design in more ways than I can possibly say, and I'm ESPECIALLY grateful to [livejournal.com profile] cattyhunts for sending it my way. Thanks babe!
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If you're wondering why Catwoman and Batman are fighting in the back of the Joker's car, you're not alone. I'm wondering that one myself.
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For all the Catwoman shirts I've found online, it seems kind of odd that I've only ever seen one or two in person...

I'm not sure how I feel about this trio. I mean, Silver Age Catwoman, Silver Age Cheetah and Harley Quinn? Okay, Cheetah, I can see that. This is clearly a Silver Age style shirt and it makes sense to pair them off since they're both cat based villains and the Catwoman/Cheetah rivalry is modern, so it's perfectly plausible for them to be okay with hanging out together.

But two Silver Age character incarnations with a character who didn't even exist during the Silver Age? Hrm. Troublesome.

But, Harley is crazy popular--perhaps even more popular than Catwoman herself, if slightly less well known. I mean, Selina is featured in less than half the stories that Harley is on fanfiction.net and Harley's fans are notoriously rabid with their love of the character (not that that's a bad thing), so I guess it makes sense to put her on merchandise with other villains, but somehow, it just doesn't fit in my head. Catwoman, Cheetah and Harley. Erm...no.
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(So I skipped an Off-Topic Tuesday for old time's sake. So sue me. :P)

On today's Cover!Wednesday, we look at a handful of the Bat/Cat-tacular covers I could find. Huzzah!

And to round out the set, here's a cover from BEM--a 1970's comic 'zine--which might be one of my favorite images ever:

For my part, I especially like the first two covers above, as they're both really aesthetically striking.

The first is just two shadows cast against the brick wall of an alley--one cowled, one not. I really, really like that Selina's not in costume there, while Bruce is, revealing a little of their respective characters. Selina's prepared to be vulnerable in this relationship and take off her masked persona, while Bruce isn't ready for that yet.

As for the second, I just really like the roughness of it--the graphic punch of so little detail makes it memorable and iconic.

The next two...well, I'm not crazy about the art in either, but there's a lot of sexual tension in those figures, so their respective anatomical flaws are forgiven.

And the last? How can you NOT love the image of Batman in his cozy slippers and knitting so happily? COME ON! It's adorable, I tell you. Incredibly, inherently wrong, but adorable none-the-less.

As a special treat, coming your way later tonight, more Bat/Cat!

I'm back!

Sep. 19th, 2010 09:23 pm
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Hey all! After nearly a month, I've finally finished catching up on all my back-dated entries, so you now have an absolute glut of shiny things to look at.

So, here's what's new!!

A ton of new scans!!

Merchandise Mondays
Off Topic Tuesdays
Cover Wednesdays
Multimedia Thursdays
Fandom Fridays

Now then! I'm no longer on the road, what with the touring theatre season being over and all, so I'm actually able to devote the appropriate amount of time to this place, as originally intended. Today, I bring you four pages from Batman: The Widening Gyre, with some incredibly strong Bat/Cat.

More behind the cut! )

Expect more Bruce/Selina goodness tomorrow, 'cause I officially declare it...BAT/CAT WEEK!
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With the brilliant "Batman: The Brave and the Bold" cartoon series, Catwoman--as well as the rest of the DC Universe--returns to a simpler golden/silver-age vision of the character, right down to the "Give up crime, Catwoman!" sentiments of old.

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A gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous statue based on one of the Batman Black & White stories featured a few years back...



This is the back-up account for what I hope will be the Ultimate Catwoman Fan Blog--Dr. Von Fangirl on LiveJournal. You should go check it out over there. I much prefer the original article.

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