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I actually managed to get my hands on a copy of this after a lot of effort. Expect scans eventually!
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As I've been working more and more on upcoming content for this blog (read: scanning things like mad), I have a ton of Catwoman images just lying around my hard drive. So, today, I decided to put them to good use and make a huge batch of Catwoman icons.

Have fun with these, but if you take any, please credit. A comment to let me know which ones you've snagged would be nice, too, but not necessary :)


89 icons behind the cut. )
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On the "Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman" DVD, a silent short film was included, called Chase Me.

Guess who it's about?

...I kind of hate the soft jazz score throughout much of it (in my opinion, there are things a saxophone are meant to do; Kenny G-style waiting room music isn't one of them), but I really, really like it otherwise--especially the Harvey Bullock cameo.

What'd you guys think?
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From the Batman/Mask crossover, "Joker/Mask", here's one of my favorite Catwoman cameos ever:

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Back dating is awesome. It allows me the illusion of having updated this journal on time rather than a day late. Hooray for covering up gaffes! Yay!

(Except I won't do that, because it'd be unethical to liiiiie to the internet.)

On today's (yesterday's) Fandom!Friday, we have a look at Catwoman-based photography. Beware! Things behind the cut may not be safe for work!

Is that all you got? by ~VirtualGirl6654 on deviantART

catwoman by ~in-somni on deviantART

Catwoman - Yarn by ~theurbanraptor on deviantART

More behind the jump! )

I've always wanted to keep the tone of this blog and its content Every!Version!Friendly!--you know, with equal representation and exploration of all Catwoman's incarnations, because it's the character I love, not her costume--but you'll notice a distinct lack of purple costume photos above. Oh, there are a couple, sure, but not many--and not many at all in comparison to how many black suit versions there are.

There are a few possible reasons for this that I can think of.

1.) Black is slimming and though it sounds stereotypical to say so of my gender, girls are usually concerned with such things.

2.) Black vinyl catsuits are MUCH easier to come by than purple ones.

3.) The purple costume, while it might work in comics, doesn't really translate well to the real world--especially since nobody can seem to find fabric in just the right shade of purple.

Have you ever done a Catwoman cosplay? If so, which version? If you have photos to share, then share! Heck, let's make this a cosplay friendly post all around. If you've ever been a comic book character, share your pics/experience in comments!
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Behold! Barbie does her best Selina Kyle impression!


This is the back-up account for what I hope will be the Ultimate Catwoman Fan Blog--Dr. Von Fangirl on LiveJournal. You should go check it out over there. I much prefer the original article.

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