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As I've been working more and more on upcoming content for this blog (read: scanning things like mad), I have a ton of Catwoman images just lying around my hard drive. So, today, I decided to put them to good use and make a huge batch of Catwoman icons.

Have fun with these, but if you take any, please credit. A comment to let me know which ones you've snagged would be nice, too, but not necessary :)


89 icons behind the cut. )
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Just two this time. These issues tie into Knightquest: The Search and Knightquest: The Crusade, two storylines that wound up crossing over into Catwoman's solo title. Why does she have weird webby stocking legs? Who knows. The nineties were weird.

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From the Batman No Man's Land Gallery (which was a single comic issue made up of several dozen pin-up pages), we have...

Thus concludes our first Bat/Cat week, and what a way to finish!
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(So I skipped an Off-Topic Tuesday for old time's sake. So sue me. :P)

On today's Cover!Wednesday, we look at a handful of the Bat/Cat-tacular covers I could find. Huzzah!

And to round out the set, here's a cover from BEM--a 1970's comic 'zine--which might be one of my favorite images ever:

For my part, I especially like the first two covers above, as they're both really aesthetically striking.

The first is just two shadows cast against the brick wall of an alley--one cowled, one not. I really, really like that Selina's not in costume there, while Bruce is, revealing a little of their respective characters. Selina's prepared to be vulnerable in this relationship and take off her masked persona, while Bruce isn't ready for that yet.

As for the second, I just really like the roughness of it--the graphic punch of so little detail makes it memorable and iconic.

The next two...well, I'm not crazy about the art in either, but there's a lot of sexual tension in those figures, so their respective anatomical flaws are forgiven.

And the last? How can you NOT love the image of Batman in his cozy slippers and knitting so happily? COME ON! It's adorable, I tell you. Incredibly, inherently wrong, but adorable none-the-less.

As a special treat, coming your way later tonight, more Bat/Cat!
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From issue #2 of "Batman: 80 Page Giant", here's a short story featuring Catwoman: "Lucky's Seven"

Nine more pages behind the cut! )
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Detective Comics #864 has two panels featuring our girl Selina. The first is just her in a background shot:

And the second is a close-up:

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In the late nineties, to compliment her solo series, Nintendo released a Catwoman game for the Gameboy Color. By all accounts, it wasn't a very good game, but it marked the first time in gaming history that you could slip into Selina's skin and pull a museum heist. Here's the nifty (if poorly written) intro, featuring Selina and Talia Head.

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Catwoman, it seems, lends herself to anime/manga style redesigns hella often...

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From Robin #23, part of the Underworld Unleashed event:

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From "President Luthor: Secret Files and Origins", here's Catwoman's one-panel cameo:


This is the back-up account for what I hope will be the Ultimate Catwoman Fan Blog--Dr. Von Fangirl on LiveJournal. You should go check it out over there. I much prefer the original article.

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