Sep. 14th, 2011

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With everything still majorly up in the air (and most of my stuff--including comics--in storage, because I have so much crap) , I'm having a tough time finding the energy to buckle down and write for more than two seconds at a time, not to mention actually scanning things for the blog.

However, just because I'm seriously strapped for time, doesn't mean I don't still love you enough to bring you updates! So, I've decided to start a new weekly feature: Fic Rec of the Week!

Stories will not necessarily be Catwoman-centric, because, well, that would just be boring, but they will be Gotham-based.

Because I'm currently writing a review/scans post of Catwoman: Year Two, which I plan to post later tonight, I'm thinking a bit about its major guest star: Harvey Dent.

Ouch, Selina, ouch

Thus, today's selection is Dent by [ profile] about_faces.

Newly-elected D.A. Harvey Dent faces down crime and corruption in Gotham City. Will it cost him his sanity? Of course it will, you know that...but why? Presenting the tragic origins of Two-Face and his gradual descent into madness.

You can read it here on LJ or here on

Even if you don't particularly like Two-Face, you might want to give this a try. I've been editing/co-writing it on the sly for the past couple of months, and it's being updated regularly. The story itself is mostly finished and it is freaking massive, so it's taking some time getting it out there because I am a positively obsessive editor. If you follow my usual internet persona [ profile] bitemetechie's fanfic, you might currently be waiting impatiently for me to finally write something, damn it. Well, while you wait for me to get off my tuchus and get back to work on my solo stuff, you can still get your fix.

Pop by, give it a look and, if you're feeling generous, drop a review or two. It would certainly give my co-writer a bit of a rush! :D

Want to Participate in "Fanfic Recommendation of the Week?" Leave your fic recs in the comments!


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