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I am Dr. Von Fangirl. I have no PhD, but if there were a Master's Degree in comics, no doubt I would hold one. Or at the very least, a Bachelor's.

The original idea for this blog was to write about Every Catwoman Comic Ever, but the mission has since expanded. I decided...heck, why stop there? Let's make this baby THE ULTIMATE CATWOMAN BLOG, PERIOD.


To post something Catwoman related every day (except the weekends), without fail. From comic book scans to comic book reviews to fanart to merchandise. Right here, right now, Selina Kyle every damn day.


With a new baby, trying to update daily as I was for awhile just isn't practical. So, I update when I can with what I can. The old day-tags for the daily posts are still in place, since it's not realistic for me to go back and re-tag every entry right now. They're defined below.


Generally, I'll just post whatever I want, whenever I want (contribute to the blog in comments by making suggestions for things to post, if you like!) but I'll try to stick to a schedule of sorts--or at least tag things appropriately.

Merchandise!Mondays: From busts to action figures to clothing, this is the day for Catwoman-related swag!

Off-Topic!Tuesdays: This is 'post anything NOT Catwoman related' day. These days will include Character Primer Sheets (suggested reading for getting properly acquainted with a character) and random cool/comic book related crap I find online. Or maybe I'll just take Tuesdays off...

Cover!Wednesdays: Comic book covers featuring Catwoman.

Multimedia!Thursdays: Links to things featuring Catwoman, be it TAS, 60's Batman, The Batman, music videos or fanfilms.

Whatever!Thursdays: Unfortunately, I'm quickly running out of multimedia to post! So Thursdays are now to be dedicated to Multimedia and whatever bric-a-brac I come across that fits the tone of the blog, including professional artwork featuring Selina, 'Think Like Selina' posts and things like that.

Fandom!Fridays: For fanart and links to great fanfic!

Reviews and scans of EVERY CATWOMAN COMIC EVER will be posted periodically, without warning! Because I'm like that and scanning things is a pain in the tuchus.

I heartily encourage discussion and debate in comments. I also welcome suggestions for things to feature in the blog, from links to good fanfic to stories you want to see scans/reviews of.


Before you read/comment...

I want this to be a SAFE PLACE blog--where EVERYONE can come to enjoy my favorite comic book character without fear of ridicule or fighting. So, let's get some things out of the way:



PLEASE don't bring your gender/race/class/sexuality/religion-based bias to my doorstep.

Let's keep it friendly and treat each other as human beings rather than as classes, genders, sexual identifications, religions, sizes or races. Respect for each other is key.

Bashing of ANY kind is NOT permitted.

And I mean of ANY kind. It's not hard to figure out. If it's not okay for me to bash straight-white-male-middle-class, then it's also not okay for you to bash queer-female-ethnic-poor or anything in between. I have very little tolerance for insults and hate-speech flung in any direction; keep it civil, or keep it to yourself.

Personal Opinions are Personal Opinions

If someone doesn't share your opinion, it's annoying. It's not a personal affront that gives you the right to call them names. Get over it.

If someone says your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries, that is a personal affront. Pwn them as you see fit.

Debate Like an Adult (or better yet, a Vulcan)

If someone attacks your opinion, then they are attacking your opinion, not you. If someone attacks your statement, then they are attacking your statement, not you. If you can't separate the two long enough to engage in actual discussion rather than enraged ranting, then I don't want you here. I don't care which side of the debate you're on or whether you think I should philosopically on that side or not: don't be an asshole. I will not tolerate it.

If someone pwns you in an argument, suck it up and deal. None of this weak, dismissive 'whatever, you're just an idiot' crap. Then shake hands, congratulate each other on a good debate and go your separate ways.

Please Control Your Temper

It's just the internet. Keep it civil. Even if somebody genuinely pisses you off, step away from the 'reply' button for a few minutes until you're sure you can respond with civility. Then talk. If you can't do this, please bring the offender to my attention in a PM and they will be dealt with.


I shouldn't have to even say this because you should have learned about the concept in preschool. It's not hard. Treat others as you want to be treated.


Generally, I'll give you a single strike if you blatantly ignore the rules, and a much milder nudge-nudge if I think you didn't intend to do so. You get five warnings before I put you on notice, and put your name here on the Wall of Shame. If you continue to break the rules after that, you'll be temp-banned for ONE MONTH, and if you break the rules again after the temporary ban is lifted, you'll be banned FOREVER.

I'm pretty lenient when people fuck up, but if you've been fucking up for awhile, I'm not going to be very patient with you.

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